Hawaii on Monday reported two additional confirmed cases of the omicron variant in Hawaii, bringing the total number to three.

All of the cases were on Oahu.

Meanwhile, officials said they were investigating eight other suspected cases. And they urged residents who may be connected to “points of exposure” to get tested.

Those include a New York City anime convention linked to a number of omicron cases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has notified the state Department of Health that Hawaii residents were on the attendee list.

The state said a dozen or more Hawaii residents may have attended the convention.

The state also said that members of Christ Embassy Hawaii and those who attended events put on by the church since Nov. 23 should get tested. One of the people with a confirmed case of omicron is believed to have attended a Christ Embassy event.

“It is imperative that all Hawaii residents work together to limit the spread of the omicron variant,” state epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Kemble said in a news release.

“These additional cases and points of exposure show that omicron is in our community, and the best thing we can do is to get vaccinated, continue to wear a mask and get tested if you feel ill or had contact with a Covid-19 positive individual,” she added.

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