The dominant political party in the islands on Saturday voted for a new chair.

Dennis Jung, who will lead the Democratic Party of Hawaii for the next two years, is a graduate of Pitzer College and holds an M.A. in political science, an M.A. in business administration and a J.D. from the University of Hawaii Manoa.

Dennis Jung
Dennis Jung. Courtesy Dennis Jung

According to a press release from the party, Jung previously worked as a deputy public defender for the state of Hawaii and has practiced criminal law, immigration law and personal injury litigation.

“It is truly an honor to be elected to this position,” said Jung in a statement. “I will work hard, and in a spirit of collaboration. As Democrats, we can make every tomorrow happy and prosperous if we listen to each other, respect each other and work together. I truly believe that together, we can build a better Hawaii.”

The Democratic Party of Hawaii’s 2022 Convention concluded Saturday at a resort in Waikiki.

Delegates also heard addresses from a number of elected officials and candidates and voted on rules, resolutions and platform.

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