The nonprofit Economic Policy Institute on Thursday released a report revealing how much K-12 school teachers across the country spend on unreimbursed classroom supplies.

The data “shows a wide variation, with teachers on average spending $327 in North Dakota on the low end of the spectrum and $664 in California on the high end.”

Hawaii school teachers spend $561 on classroom supplies, the third-most expensive state. Michigan is second at $628.

On average, the national figure is $459. That figure does not include the dollars teachers spend but are reimbursed for by their school districts.

“State-by-state spending differences are likely due to a combination of factors, including students’ needs, how schools are funded in the state, the cost of living in the state, and other factors,” says EPI.

It continues: “Although not shown on the map, there is just a slight variation in the shares of teachers buying unreimbursed classroom supplies, with a minimum of 91% in Mississippi and a maximum of 98% in Hawaii. The dollar amounts and shares paint a unifying, generalized pattern of generosity across the country.”

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