Par Pacific, the state’s only refinery, announced Thursday it is suspending all purchases of Russian crude oil.

It’s estimated that Russian oil accounts for at least 25% of Hawaii’s supply. The decision came as the state’s average price for unleaded gas reached an all-time high of $4.63, according to AAA Hawaii.

Par Pacific said it will turn to other sources from North and South America to meet petroleum demand in the islands.

Scott Glenn, chief energy officer at the Hawaii State Energy Office, applauded the decision.

“While we do not anticipate any supply concerns, HSEO reminds residents that energy prices are likely to remain high and perhaps go even higher due to uncertainty in the global energy markets,” he said. “This market exposure underscores why Hawaii is focused on transitioning as quickly as it can to locally-produced renewable energy.”

Hawaiian Electric, which acquires its supply from Par Pacific, said Thursday that it also supports the decision to suspend Russian imports.

U.S. Rep. Ed Case said the crisis underscores the importance of sustainable energy solutions.

“This should spur us on in the efforts that we have pursued both nationally and especially in Hawaii towards alternate energy sources,” the Hawaii Democrat said.

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