Lionel Camara Jr., the acting chief of the Honolulu Fire Department, and Kalani Hao, the acting deputy chief, are expected to have “a conversation” with the Honolulu Fire Commission at a meeting next week.

Charlotte Nekota, the commission’s chair, said the discussion will be held in public session.

“On the 25th we are going to find things a little more transparent,” she said Monday.

A screen shot of the Honolulu Fire Commission Aug. 13 meeting. Screenshot

The commission is deadlocked 3-3 between Hao and Camara. Mayor Rick Blangiardi’s nomination of Dave Matlin, the University of Hawaii athletic director, to fill a vacancy is awaiting confirmation proceedings before the Honolulu City Council.

Nekota, who has only been commission chair for one month, expressed frustration that her colleagues have not been able to resolve the hiring impasse.

“We are going back almost eight months when Chief Manuel Neves retired,” she said. “I understand the different opinions between commissioners, and we will all have the chance to have our say.”

The Honolulu Fire Commission met Friday, mostly in executive session, but reached no decision.

The agenda for the Aug. 25 Honolulu Fire Commission meeting is expected to be posted this week.

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