Many local folks are frustrated that a gallon of unleaded lists for an average of around $4 this week in Hawaii, about 80 cents higher than a year ago.

But things could get worse.

The Hill reported Tuesday that the average price of a gallon of gas is expected to increase by between 10 and 20 cents nationwide by August.

Gas prices in Honolulu on Wednesday. Chad Blair/Civil Beat/2021

According to the American Automobile Association strong demand and more expensive crude oil prices are pushing gas prices higher.

Hawaii is still some distance from its record high of $4.61 back in April 2012. But things are not cheap.

Honolulu prices currently average $3.96, Kahului averages $4.02, Hilo averages $4.07 and Lihue averages $4.24.

Nationally the average is $3.13. California has the most expensive gas at $4.30 while Virginia has the cheapest at $2.94.

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