The details have yet be made public.

Maui County tax dollars will be used to pay three women victimized by former Maui Police Officer Brandon Saffeels, who is now serving a 10-year prison term for child enticement and fraud.

The county and the women have come to terms on a settlement.

Details of the settlement won’t be made public until the county council approves the deal.

But the attorney for the women, Michael Green, said they are satisfied.

“I think the county took it seriously but they had to be sued before they took it seriously,” Green said.

The women accused the county of failing to train and supervise Saffeels, who tried to solicit sex from the women in exchange for legal favors.

The first woman to come forward said he started sending her text messages in July 2019, hours after he arrested for a drunk driving case.

Another woman then came forward, saying she had already reported him to internal affairs.

She told Hawaii News Now that she was angry that Saffeels was back on the road.

The third woman said he sent her inappropriate pictures after he stopped to talk to her while he was on duty.

Ken Lawson, instructor at the University of Hawaii law school, said police departments have to take claims of bad behavior by officers more seriously or “we’re going to continue to pay.”

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