“Heart of Fire” is the name of a forthcoming memoir from U.S. Sen. Mazie Hirono.

Subtitled “An Immigrant Daughter’s Story,” the book is scheduled to be published by Viking Books on April 20.

A promotional blurb from the publisher describes the book as “a deep homage to her mother, who proved that a single person can make a difference when she moved her family from a rice farm in rural Japan to the island of Hawaii.”

And here is Hirono, 73, in her own words: “Efforts to take away health care, slash funding for public schools, or undermine the civil rights that so many rely on are things that I strongly oppose and have fought against. As a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee I have worked to promote these values in fighting against unqualified nominations, promote fairer treatment of immigrants and minority groups, and protect the civil rights of everyone.”

Hirono, a Democrat and a senator since 2013, is a former U.S. representative, Hawaii lieutenant governor and state legislator.

“Heart of Fire” is 256 pages and lists for $28.

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