U.S. Rep. Ed Case (D-Hawaii) on Wednesday announced the formation of the Congressional Pacific Islands Caucus.

He will co-chair the caucus along with three “high-ranking” U.S. House colleagues, according to a press release.

“I have been convinced for some time that our country’s and world’s future are in the Indo-Pacific, and the islands of the Pacific are a key yet too-often-overlooked part of that region,” said Case. “These islands and their maritime exclusive economic zones are not only part of our own Pacific ohana but encompass an area larger than the land areas of Russia and China combined.”

U.S. Rep. Ed Case on his first day back in Congress in January.

Nick Grube/Civil Beat

The founding caucus co-chairs are U.S. Rep Don Young (R-Alaska), U.S. Rep Brad Sherman (D-California) and U.S. Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Florida).

According to the press release, the caucus will:

  • serve as a resource in educating members and staffs on the importance of the Pacific Islands and the issues they face;
  • demonstrate the United States’ commitment to the Indo-Pacific and specifically to the Pacific Islands;
  • facilitate communication and cooperation on issues of shared interest between the United States and the Pacific Islands, including development, trade, and regional stability and security; and
  • assist in formulating and implementing sound national policy in the Indo-Pacific over the next generation.

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