The cost of living in Hawaii, as we all know, is too high. But at least we currently pay less for gasoline than folks in California.

AAA on Thursday reported that the average gallon of regular unleaded fuel in California is selling for $3.91 — the highest price nationwide.

That compares to $3.64 in Hawaii, the second-highest price.

But that’s still way above the national average of $2.78.

A gas pump at Aloha Island Mart on Kaimuki Avenue. Anthony Quintano/Civil Beat/2016

Interestingly, AAA’s forecast for summer gas prices suggest that Americans are accepting higher prices.

“For consumers today, paying more to fill up their gas tank may feel less shocking due to the national average pushing within pennies of $3/gallon the last two spring seasons,” said Jeanette Casselano, AAA spokesperson, in a press release.

Prices vary in Hawaii depending on location.

In Hilo the current average is $3.72, while it’s $3.53 in Honolulu. A gallon of regular lists for $3.83 in both Kahului and Lihue.

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