The eleven-day Festival of the Pacific Arts & Culture has been postponed due to event organizers’ concerns about the coronavirus outbreak.

Known as FESTPAC, the major international festival was scheduled to be held in June in Hawaii. The traveling festival is hosted every four years by a different nation.

The Festival of the Pacific Arts & Culture occurs every four years at a different Pacific island nation.

“FESTPAC planning will continue in order to ensure that Hawaii is prepared to be an outstanding host to our Pacific island cousins and all who participate in this life-changing event,” said Sen. Kalani English, who chairs the FESTPAC Hawaii Commission, in a statement.

“We want to thank all of our sponsors, supporters, and all those who have expressed interest in helping with FESTPAC Hawaii,” he said. “Their assistance and ongoing support are critically important because even with this postponement, the festival will come sooner than we think.”

The last FESTPAC was held in Guam in 2016.

The new coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has not afflicted anyone in Hawaii, but as the number of cases grows internationally and in some U.S. states, public health officials in Hawaii may consider postponing other major public events.

“We’re still working on what criteria would trigger actions like that,” Bruce Anderson, state health director, told Civil Beat Monday.

Organizers of the popular Nagaoka Fireworks Show, which was scheduled to open the 26th annual Honolulu Festival this weekend, was also canceled due to the global coronavirus outbreak. The festival’s other events will go on as planned.

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