Pacific Islanders in Los Angeles have the highest coronavirus death rate  compared with their percentage of the population, the LAist reported Thursday.

“The death rate for Pacific Islanders in L.A. County is 12 times higher than it is for whites, 9 times higher than for Asians, 7 times higher than for Latinos, 5 times higher than for African Americans,” the LAist said, citing official data.

The disproportionately high death rate is also found statewide. Pacific Islanders make up a relatively small percentage of the population in both Los Angeles and California more broadly. Statewide, 17 Pacific Islanders have died from the virus and 11 were L.A. residents, the article continued.

“Pacific Islanders account for a small fraction of the 1,700-plus deaths posted statewide,” the LAist noted. “But the death toll is staggering for a state population of Pacific Islanders that stands shy of 120,000, according to Census data.”

Pacific Islanders in Oregon also have the highest rate of COVID-19 in the state. So far in Hawaii, data from the state doesn’t reflect that disparity.

Pacific Islanders is an official racial group that includes Native Hawaiians, Samoans, Chamorros, and many other ethnicities.

Click here to read the article in the LAist.

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