State Rep. Takashi Ohno informed his constituents in a mass email on Tuesday that he won’t be running for reelection, saying he plans to take a break from government and look for work in the private sector.

Ohno, a Democrat who is now chairman of the House Committee on Corrections, Military and Veterans, represents House District 27, including Nuuanu, Liliha, Puunui, and Alewa Heights. He was first elected to that seat in 2012.

In his email to constituents, Ohno said that “this role was my dream job. I’ve served in it for the last decade, and I am so grateful that you allowed me to have a mic and vote at the state Legislature.”

“But I’ve come to realize that dreams jobs are still jobs,” Ohno wrote. “And jobs change. I never intended on being a career politician, and I feel my time for change is now.”

“As for my future, I’ve yet to determine what is up next for me. But after my years in the Legislature and (Department of Education), one thing is sure: I’ll be taking a much needed break from government and seeking employment in the private sector,” he said in his email. Ohno was a third-grade teacher at Fern Elementary School in Kalihi before he was elected.

Former Honolulu City Councilman Gary Gill — another Democrat — pulled nomination papers on Thursday to run in District 27, but has not yet officially filed to run for the office.  Ohno’s longtime office manager Jenna Takenouchi is also preparing to make a run for the seat as a Democrat.

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