Gov. Josh Green announced Tuesday that the Hawaii State Capitol parking lot was reopened with new parking choices for the public.

In “consultation and collaboration” with the state House and Senate leadership, Green said in a press release that the Department of Accounting and General Services installed new pay stations to collect parking fees.

“Members of the public wishing to park in the Capitol building parking lot will be required to use the centralized pay station which, upon payment for parking, will print a receipt that must be placed on the vehicle’s dashboard,” according to the release.

Capitol building.
There’s a new parking system for the public at the Capitol. Cory Lum/Civil Beat/2022

“The cost to park in public parking is $2 per hour for the first two hours and $4 for every hour thereafter.”

The Capitol’s parking lot, located in its vast, dark and dank basement, is notorious for being unaccommodating to the public. When hearings run long, there is often a scramble by visitors to rush down to the basement to stuff more coins into the meters.

There are also only a limited number of stalls for visitors, with the vast majority reserved for elected officials and staff.

The parking lot will be monitored “to ensure vehicles” comply with the paid parking requirements,” said the press release. “Additionally, members of the public are kindly reminded to only utilize stalls that are marked for public parking.”

The 2023 session officially opens Jan. 18.

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