The Hawaii State Senate voted unanimously Tuesday to confirm Holly Shikada as the state’s new attorney general.

She succeeds former Attorney General Clare Connors, who was confirmed as the U.S. Attorney for the District of Hawaii on Dec. 7 by the U.S. Senate.

Holly Shikada attorney general
Hawaii Attorney General Holly Shikada. Courtesy photo

Prior to being nominated on Dec. 8 by Gov. David Ige, Shikada served as the first deputy of the Department of the Attorney General.

According to a press release from the administration, Shikada is a 30-year veteran with the department and served in the family law and education divisions.

She started her legal career in private practice with the Fujiyama Duffy & Fujiyama law firm.

“The Senate Judiciary Committee finds that Ms. Shikada has the experience, expertise and temperament to serve as the state’s next Attorney General,” said Sen. Karl Rhoads, chair of the Senate Committee on Judiciary. “While there are areas within the Department of Attorney General that need significant improvement, I believe that Ms. Shikada will work hard to address these issues with the remaining months left in her term.”

Shikada’s term expires at noon on Dec. 5, when a new governor will be sworn in.

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