All 10 University of Hawaii campuses will no longer require masks in classrooms, labs and tight educational spaces after Friday, according to the university’s website.

UH is the latest institution to drop the mask mandate. The state Department of Education made indoor masking optional at public schools two months ago.

The decision was based on advice from state and federal health experts as Covid-19 infection rates in the state have declined for seven weeks in a row.

“UH will continue to remain highly vigilant, and Covid-19 restrictions may be quickly reinstated if conditions change and warrant strong measures,” UH President David Lassner said in an email Friday to the 10-campus system.

Lassner urged people to respect others who still want to wear their masks indoors.

According to the university’s guidance, masks are not required but are highly recommended indoors, at crowded events and around people who are not vaccinated or are immunocompromised. Masks also are required for people who are exposed to someone with Covid-19 or who are returning to campus after recovering from the virus themselves.

Hawaii recorded a weekly average of 190 cases per day on Wednesday with a positivity rate of 6.4%, according to statewide figures. It also reported 11 deaths over the previous week.

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