“Honest. Independent. Unafraid. Always with aloha.”

That’s how a Tulsi Gabbard website announces her new podcast, “This is Tulsi Gabbard,” which is expected to be available soon for consumption on Spotify, Apple, Stitcher and Google (which she sued last year, unsuccessfully, alleging censorship of her failed presidential campaign).

The former U.S. representative from Hawaii is now urging folks to tune in to her latest gig.

A screen shot from Tulsi Gabbard’s website promoting her new podcast.

“We will go beyond the media soundbytes to share in-depth insights & thought-provoking conversations,” she explains via Twitter. “Talk with me & other open-minded people on variety of topics, get exclusive content & support the work I’m doing!”

Gabbard, who currently serves as a major in the U.S. Army Reserve at a command post in Silicon Valley, is also seeking donations.

“Support Tulsi’s voice of truth, freedom and common sense!” says her website.

It’s not clear exactly when the podcast will be available. But in a 1-minute audio trailer posted earlier this week she says, “Now more than ever during these dark and divisive and dangerous times, we have the opportunity to be a positive force, to help heal the divide, to treat each other with aloha, respect and love and better understand each other.”

Topics and questions, Gabbard says over a soundtrack of ambient music, could range from foreign policy to yoga meditation to the environment to surfing.

“We will tackle the great challenges of our time together.”

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