Residents should flush their faucets for 10 minutes to discharge standing water.

A large swath of homes and buildings in Upper Kula are no longer under an Unsafe Water Advisory the Maui Department of Water Supply announced late Tuesday.

Water serving addresses in an area designated Zone 1 and marked green on the county map is now safe for unrestricted use, according to the release.

Zone 1 makes up the majority of the area that had been under the advisory which was implemented Aug. 11 over concerns that the Aug. 8 wildfires had contaminated the water supply.

“The evidence makes clear that fire-related contaminants did not impact the Upper Kula Zone 1. there are concerns related to water that may have stagnated within homes and buildings while the advisory was in effect,” the release said.

For that reason, residents are being advised to open faucets and flush their systems for 10 minutes to discharge any water that had been left stagnant during the advisory.

The department said it made the decision after assessing multiple rounds of tests conducted at sites across the Upper Kula system.

Residents in Zones 2-5 are still under the Unsafe Water Advisory and should still not use tap water for cooking or drinking, the department said.

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