Mandatory recounts of six primary races did not result in new winners, according to updated elections results posted Tuesday afternoon.

The state Office of Elections was required by law to recount ballots in races for the Kauai County Council, several races for House districts on Oahu and one Senate seat representing Kaneohe.

But the recounts that finished Tuesday did not change the outcome of election results first reported Saturday night.

In the only Democratic primary that faced a recount, House District 35 candidate Cory Chun prevailed and will compete against Republican Josiah Araki to represent a district that includes parts of Pearl City, Waipahu and Crestview.

Most of the recounts were for tight Republican races, where only a few hundred voters cast their ballots. The winners will go on to face Democrats in the Nov. 8 General Election.

In the Republican race for House District 11, a South Maui seat, Shekinah Cantere was the winner and will face Democrat Terez Amato.

Jessica Caiazzo won the Republican primary for House District 20 (Kahala, Waialae, Kaimuki and Kapahulu). Caiazzo will face incumbent Rep. Bert Kobayashi.

In the Republican race for House District 45 in Waianae and Makaha, Tiana Wilbur prevailed and will face Rep. Cedric Gates in November.

There were also no changes in the top 14 candidates for the Kauai County Council.

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