It’s been frustrating for regular visitors to Ala Moana Regional Park for the better part of this year. That’s because the parking lot that fronts Magic Island (also known as Aina Moana) has been closed for repaving, restriping and more.

Good news: The city’s Department of Parks and Recreation announced Tuesday that the project is finally pau, meaning the parking lot is open again to vehicular traffic.

The 470-stall lot is now repaved and restriped, and there are new gates, benches and a drop-off zone.

The view from Magic Island. 

Improvements, a press release says, were also made to tree planting spaces, irrigation and curbing, while unhealthy trees were replaced with healthy ones.

“Throughout our administration we have given much needed care to Ala Moana, the People’s Park, after it had been neglected for decades,” Mayor Kirk Caldwell said. “Now the most popular park in the state can continue to serve our island, and help create many more memories for our local families with improvements to the: roadway, parking, irrigation, beach, bathrooms, showers, exercise equipment, pathways, tree inventory, McCoy Pavilion, staffing, and security.”

It is also the first city park to convert completely to LED lights and house dedicated sand volleyball courts.

One caveat: The city says additional work remains, mainly landscaping maintenance and restoration.

A $1.96 million shoreline improvement project is underway along the Hawaiian Pond near the Atkinson Drive entrance to the park.

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