As widely expected, Colleen Hanabusa is poised to make official her strong interest in being mayor of Honolulu.

The former U.S. representative and state Senate president emailed supporters Thursday with a red, white and blue banner reading “Hanabusa Mayor 2020.”

“My vision for Honolulu includes ensuring affordable housing options for local families, clearing our streets and parks of homeless encampments while we find humane solutions, and working with state and federal agencies to get the rail back on track,” the email states.

Hawaii Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Colleen Hanabusa is greeted by her supporters at her election night headquarters in the Japanese Cultural Center, Saturday, Aug. 11, 2018, in Honolulu.

U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa talks to supporters the day after the Democratic Primary in August 2018. She is running for mayor of Honolulu in 2020.

Eugene Tanner/Civil Beat

While stopping short of saying she’s officially in the race, Hanabusa said, “I am ready to lead the City and County of Honolulu and I hope you’ll join me.”

Hanabusa held a campaign fundraiser Wednesday and has another set for Monday — her fourth since late September.

Honolulu City Councilwoman Kymberly Pine and businessman Keith Amemiya have previously declared their mayoral candidacies. Several other candidates may soon follow.

Mayor Kirk Caldwell is completing his second and final term and cannot run for re-election next year.

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