Three major forces are at the center of any discussion about Hawaii’s ability to work through its problems: Communities – our people and the ties that bind them – Leadership in the political, business and civic sectors, and Native Hawaiians, who are becoming a dynamic political voice.

Include The Community As Partners In Energy Projects

We must lead by implementing policies in a right and pono way.

Recent Protests Raise Concerns About Political Representation

The Hawaii Legislature has simply grown too distant to be effective.

Full Independence For Hawaii Looks Unfeasible For Now

If the goal is for Hawaii to form its own nation, many legal and political barriers block the way.

Demographic Shifts Pose Tremendous Risks For Kauai

The island’s population growth is largely a result of the island becoming home to more retirees.

Can Hawaii Totally Separate From America?

In the wake of the Mauna Kea protests, Native Hawaiians might look to the Maori in New Zealand.

We Need Better Renewable Energy Siting Guidelines

Poorly planned green energy projects can tear Hawaii communities apart.