Three major forces are at the center of any discussion about Hawaii’s ability to work through its problems: Communities – our people and the ties that bind them – Leadership in the political, business and civic sectors, and Native Hawaiians, who are becoming a dynamic political voice.

Danny De Gracia: Hawaii Is Getting A Taste Of Its Own Neglect

Investments in public infrastructure need to be made now to bring the state into the 21st century before it devolves into chaos.

How Neighbor Islands Are Working To Address Overtourism In Hawaii

As the Hawaii Tourism Authority shifts from marketing to tourism management, the counties are taking matters into their own hands with new hotel bans and airport shuttle systems.

Fault Lines 2021: It’s A Good Time For A Reboot

There's so much to talk about as we emerge from the pandemic with some of the same old arguments, and plenty of new ones.

This North Shore Community Has Had Enough Of Towering Wind Turbines

But clean energy advocates and power producers are pushing back against new Honolulu City Council proposals meant to protect communities from large wind energy projects.

Danny De Gracia: Hawaii Is Becoming An Unpleasant Place To Live. Arguing Doesn’t Help

We need to cool down and de-escalate community conflicts. That starts by being more tolerant of people with opposing views.

Is Hawaii Learning To Live With The Coronavirus?

Message fatigue has become a real concern as Hawaii officials gear up public service announcements reminding people they need to wear masks, wash their hands and stay away from each other.

Hospital Workers Are Feeling Pressure As Hawaii Gets Ready To Restart Tourism

Administrators say they can make space for more patients, but health care workers are concerned about intense workloads and staying safe.

Why Is This New Super PAC Spending Big Bucks On Maui Council Races?

Little is known about Hui O Maui Citizens For Change but the group is backing conservative-leaning members.

COVID-19 Is Revealing Problems With How Hawaii’s Government Uses Data

There doesn't seem to be a clear data strategy for the virus response.

Hawaii DOE Has Struggled To Cope With The Pandemic. Can It Do Better?

As the district debates reopening metrics and reels from a problematic online education platform, parents are left to pick up the slack so students can continue learning.

Hawaii Has A Plan To Restart Tourism Safely. Will It Work?

The state's pre-travel testing program is set to launch next month, but other destinations with similar programs have struggled to keep COVID-19 cases from spiking.

Chad Blair: Why Politics In Hawaii May Never Be The Same Again

Voters will demand competent leaders that talk straight and act decisively, while revenue losses will force unenviable budgetary decisions.

Hawaii Businesses Are Dying. Is Government Helping Or Hurting?

Many local businesses have cut back or closed, putting tens of thousands out of work. Economists say don't expect a turnaround until at least the middle of next year.

Hawaii Has A New COVID-19 Response Team. Will It Make A Difference?

Decisions about programs and policies to combat the virus are happening faster under a newly restructured leadership team.

Hawaii Failed In Its Pandemic Response. It Has Another Chance To Get It Right

The pandemic has revealed deep cracks in Hawaii's government and social system, but also created an opportunity for real change.

Breaking Quarantine In Hawaii? A Citizens’ Group Is Watching

The group, seeing gaps in enforcement, has helped state and local investigators track down scofflaw tourists.

16 New Solar Farms For Hawaii But Utility Won’t Say Where Exactly

The public might have to wait 30 days for details of plans for 16 solar-plus-storage or standalone storage projects on three islands

Lawsuit: Closed-Door Board Of Ed Meeting Violated Sunshine Law

The new Kahuku wind turbine project is at the heart of a dispute over Hawaii's open meetings law.

COVID-19 Crisis Poses Risks For Hawaii’s Renewable Energy Plans

Even the most optimistic solar developer said extended disruptions to projects will have unavoidable consequences.

Residents And Policymakers Battle Over Hawaii Wind Energy Projects

Some policymakers want to keep wind turbines away from homes but energy developers say there's not much room to maneuver on a small island.

Want To Build Affordable Housing More Quickly? This Bill Would Sidestep Public Input

Hawaii's leaders are offering developers a chance to skip a major vetting procedure, which could undermine efforts to protect public lands.

Four Ex-Hawaii Governors Say They Fear For Our Future

Civil Beat interviewed four of Hawaii's most prominent leaders. They had a lot to say about our growing social and economic problems and the lack of leadership to help resolve them.

Hawaii’s Push For Renewable Energy Could Stall Over Public Opposition To Facilities

Hawaiian Electric says it sees growing issues concerning land use and where to site projects.

TMT Hot Potato: Hawaii Leaders Are Ducking Responsibility On Mauna Kea

Since protests resumed six months ago, top elected officials have struggled to take ownership of resolving issues surrounding a major telescope project.