Three major forces are at the center of any discussion about Hawaii’s ability to work through its problems: Communities – our people and the ties that bind them – Leadership in the political, business and civic sectors, and Native Hawaiians, who are becoming a dynamic political voice.

How A Maui Solar Farm Reached An ‘Unprecedented’ Deal With Neighbors

Advocates say the agreement between a renewable energy company and a community group in West Maui could be a model for resolving disputes.

Raucous Roosters Are Invading Neighborhoods On Lanai

Residents say an influx of roosters is laying bare an age-old spat over two sometimes conflicting hallmarks of country life: agriculture and peace and quiet.

Why This Big Island Woman Is Spending Every Sunday Picking Up Trash

Lei Robinson is spearheading a volunteer movement to keep the streets of Hilo as clean as possible.

A Kauai Family Gave Homeless People A Place To Live. Now They All Face Eviction

Marcia and Buna Leialoha felt they had no choice but to offer homes to those evicted from a nearby temporary homeless camp, but their landlord thinks otherwise.

Denby Fawcett: A Community Sounds Out

Every Friday at 7:30 p.m., make a thunderous sound of thanks for first responders and other essential workers. One to 2 minutes will do it.

Coronavirus Won’t Stop Father And Son From Finishing Community Project

An Eagle Scout candidate and his troop started building the Makiki Community Garden toolshed. Then the pandemic downsized the crew.

The Fastest-Growing Ethnic Group In Hawaii Is Also The Most Invisible

About 11% of Hawaii residents claim Hispanic heritage, a number that's expected to grow. But Latinos are also the least likely to respond to the census.

This Startup Is Trying To Ease The Ventilator Shortage in Hawaii

A former Harvard Medical School professor is teaming up with local engineers who have designed products for firms like Apple, Google and Tesla.

Last Of Its Kind: This Small Neighborhood Market Is Still A Big Part Of Life On Kauai

Kauai's last mom and pop market is fighting to stay in business and nurture a new breed of local entrepreneurs.

How The Faithful Took It Upon Themselves To Save This Unique Painted Church

Lava took a heavy toll on this Big Island congregation and almost destroyed the church. Now the problem is how to pay for its upkeep.

This Oahu Developer Is Planting A Native Hawaiian Forest

A Hilo-born haole plants Hawaiian trees and flowers every chance he gets.

Hawaii Isn’t The Only Place Where Local-Born People Are Leaving In Droves

The lure of better jobs, cheaper housing and other opportunities beckons many residents, particularly in western states.  

Neal Milner: I’m Happy Being An Outsider In Hawaii

The term "local" is so overrated. I've spent decades contributing to the public well-being without embracing that culturally sensitive label.

Hanapepe: ‘This Is The Town That Keeps Refusing To Die’

The Kauai town has its flash points, but a shared sense of pride continues to hold this community together.

Denby Fawcett: Can A White Person Ever Be ‘Local’ In Hawaii?

Local is still mostly about race in Hawaii, but talking about shared experiences can help us overcome some of those differences.

How These Makaha Neighbors Saved A County Park From Crime And Weeds

When police and social services agencies couldn't help, this small band of neighbors took matters into their own hands. And it worked.

Measuring Hawaii’s Social Capital In The Age Of Disconnect

Whether you vote in local elections and how well you trust your neighbor has an impact on your community's social capital.

Are You Local? What These Hawaii Scholars Have To Say Might Surprise You

Local identity originated with a famous murder in the early 1930s. Today, it can unite us as a society but all too often divides us.

Fault Lines: Bridging The Growing Disconnect In Hawaii

It's time to have a long talk about what's going on in Hawaii these days. We're convening a far-reaching community conversation on how to move forward despite our differences.