Three major forces are at the center of any discussion about Hawaii’s ability to work through its problems: Communities – our people and the ties that bind them – Leadership in the political, business and civic sectors, and Native Hawaiians, who are becoming a dynamic political voice.

Hawaiian Language Makes A Comeback In Hana’s Schools — And Homes

The establishment of a popular Hawaiian immersion program several years ago has had an impact on the broader community, says the Hana High & Elementary principal.

Building A Hawaiian Language Curriculum Classroom By Classroom

As Hawaiian immersion programs soar in popularity, the lack of a common curriculum remains a big challenge.

Danny De Gracia: Forget The Blue-Ribbon Commission. Just Fix The Problems

Hearing Native Hawaiians oppose major projects over ancient graves, cultural artifacts and environmental concerns is not only predictable, it is inevitable under poor economic conditions.

Kauai: Hawaiians Use Shuttle To Drop Knowledge On Tourists

A company worked with scholars to develop a message that educates visitors en route to the North Shore about the place and its people.

Mauna Kea Ignited A New Wave Of Hawaiian Pride. Where Does It Go From Here?

The protests are seen as part of a long push toward more self-determination for Native Hawaiians, but there is little consensus on how best to achieve that.