We’re excited to take a huge step forward in our effort to build the new civic square for Hawaii: Today is Honolulu Civil Beat’s “First Edition.”

In recent weeks, we have talked a fair amount about the importance of civil dialogue and civil discourse. We expect this discussion to be a big part of Civil Beat.

We wanted to meet you and begin our conversation before we began delivering a daily news report. So we waited to introduce our content approach. Until today. Let me be very clear — our original content, produced by our reporter-hosts and editorial staff, is a foundational element of Honolulu Civil Beat. Why? Because it all starts with great journalism. Meaningful discussion and solutions can only happen if they’re based on well-researched, well-written information. Our job is to make sure we are covering the issues that matter the most (not necessarily the issues that get the most chatter), talk to the right people, ask the right questions, and connect the dots.

By becoming a Honolulu Civil Beat member you get access to the following each month:

50-60 Thought-Provoking Articles. We’ll publish articles during the week covering important issues facing Hawaii. You’ll find that we’ll often examine things through an analytical and structured lens. For example, today we explore how nonprofits must pay GET, even on fundraising events. We also try to get our arms around just how many jobs the rail project will create.

Easy-to-understand Research & Analysis. We’ll take complex issues and give you the tools to get up-to-speed and understand important topics. Sometimes we’ll refer to these as “topic pages” — living documents that we’ll constantly update to reflect the latest events.

Stimulating Discussions. Enjoy discussions with real people (including our news staff). You’ll get your own page where other members will be able to meet you.

Mahalo for stopping by. We hope you give Honolulu Civil Beat a try (the first 15 days for just 99 cents!).

We invite your thoughts and questions here.

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