Why pay for the newspaper when you can get Civil Beat?

That’s the question for Hawaii readers this week now that the Honolulu Star-Advertiser is charging $19.95 for “all access.”

Two years ago, Pierre Omidyar and I asked ourselves whether online advertising could support and sustain an investigative news organization. We concluded that the answer was “no” — and that is why we launched Civil Beat with subscriptions from Day 1.

We fully support a subscription-based model for news.

Civil Beat is focused on original public affairs journalism, and it’s going to stay that way. We hope the past 15 months have demonstrated our commitment to thoughtful reporting, truth and transparency. Our mission is to ask — and get answers to — the tough questions. We can do that better because we are here to serve only you, our readers.

There is no advertising on Civil Beat. And we like it that way. On our website and mobile app (which we just launched!), you won’t find any annoying ads. Just news. Better yet, we don’t worry about upsetting advertisers — because we don’t have any.

We just added four new sections to the site: business, sports, entertainment and breaking news, including national and international stories. You told us that these sections were important to you, and we think we’ve found a way to connect you with these areas of interest while still maintaining our Civil Beat quality.

Finally, we’ve introduced a new subscription offer, $9.99 a month — 50 percent off our normal price.

We hope that you’ll take advantage of this offer and experience what Civil Beat is all about: quality, complete coverage and a fresh approach to journalism and Hawaii.

To compare the two services and learn more about Civil Beat, go to the “Why Civil Beat?” page.

We believe that change begins with a question, so we humbly ask you this: Which will you choose?

A good reason not to give

We know not everyone can afford to pay for news right now, which is why we keep our journalism free for everyone to read, listen, watch and share. 

But that promise wouldn’t be possible without support from loyal readers like you.

Make a gift to Civil Beat today and help keep our journalism free for all readers. And if you’re able, consider a sustaining monthly gift to support our work all year-round.



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