REPEAL PLDC” has been fought for by countless citizens and public-interest groups.

Hawaii legislators have received thousands of communications from REPEAL PLDC advocates.

The public has also spoken at PLDC statewide hearings.

We support HB 1133 for a straight REPEAL of PLDC – Act 55 with no last-minute “gut and replace or other amendments that may undermine the straight repeal of PLDC, or create mischief in any way.

Enough has been said.

The Hawaii state House of Representatives under the leadership of House Speaker Joseph Souki and Rep. Cindy Evans approved a bill that would dissolve the Public Land Development Corporation on February 14, 2013.

The public should not have to repeat its objections against PLDC over and over and over again. Decision-making at the state Capitol should not become a jostle of “cloak and dagger” games and lobbying.

The Everyman works during the legislative operating hours and should not be forced to bird-dog this process like a hawk.

The opposition for this ill-thought and ill-willed PLDC is very clear. Land use decisions should be based on the merits and public-interest, not hijacked by special-interest lobbyists and their political cronies.

We ask the Hawaii Senate to respect and listen to the people.

We also object to PLDC copycats. We find it incredulous and insulting to the public’s intelligence that some legislators like Sens. Donovan Dela Cruz and Malama Solomon would play such games at this 2013 session.

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About the author: Choon James has been a real estate broker for over 20 years and a founding member of Defend Oahu Coalition. She hosts “Country Talk Story” on Olelo Community Television on Saturdays Channel 55 at 5 p.m.