Choon James

‘Keep the Country Country’ Will Protect Kamaaina Families

The gentrification of Kahuku Plantation Camp is one reason to keep the country country.

Open Letter to 2013 Hawaii State Legislators – Repeal The PLDC

The Senate Ways and Means Committee is slated to hear the repeal bill Thursday morning.

Rail’s Transit-Oriented Development An Assault on Private Property

At each of the proposed 21 rail stations, the city wants TODs “within half a mile radius” vicinity.

Public Land Development Corporation’s New Jingle: ‘Trust in Me’

We've seen this movie before: Public outcry is not “misinformation.”

Public Land Development Corp.’s Public Hearings Pau, Now What?

An argument in favor of repealing the PLDC.
Repeal Act 55: Public Land Development Corporation

Repeal Act 55: Public Land Development Corporation

Creating another bureaucratic fiefdom to usurp Hawaii's public assets is not the solution.

Assaults on Hawaii’s Environment Unite ‘Strange Bedfellows’

In defense of the new ad-hoc Hawaii Environmental Coalition.
Hoopili Business Model Not Sustainable for Hawaii

Hoopili Business Model Not Sustainable for Hawaii

The law to preserve agriculture is on the Land Use Commission's side.

Still Time to Contact Legislators About Bills

New group will "bird-dog" lawmakers through the election.

Should Hawaii ‘Trust’ Politicians With Their Sweetheart Exemptions For Projects?

Sweetheart deals should be between lovers; not between politicians and elite exceptional groups.

Are Hawaii’s Constituents ‘Apocalyptic Naysayers?’

Or are people only demanding a just and open government?

Open Government Lock Down

SB 2927 grates against everything democratic.