The head of the state Office of Hawaiian Affairs will earn $11,000 more in 2013 than the previous year, while the elected Board of Trustees’ salaries remain the same.

Chief Executive Officer Kamanopono Crabbe started to receive an annual salary of $140,004 on July 1, which marked the beginning of the fiscal year. He is the highest-paid OHA employee.

Crabbe’s predecessor, Clyde Namuo, had an annual salary of $129,000 until he retired in December 2011.

The eight trustees will again make $55,440. The board’s chair, Colette Machado, will receive $63,204.

That’s about what OHA’s 150 employees earn. OHA workers’ salaries inched up from $59,430 on average in 2012 to $60,786 in 2013.

The overall amount of money that OHA spent on salaries nudged upward at a similar rate, rising from $8.91 million last year to $9.12 this year.

The 2012 OHA Salary Commission recommended the new rates for the trustees and chair.

OHA has been under the state auditor’s microscope for the past several years. The most recent audit, released in September, shows improvement in some areas but leaves much to be desired in others.

“OHA continues to be remiss of one of its core responsibilities — improving the conditions of all Hawaiians — in its grant programs,” the audit says. “For instance, the office continues to lack policies and procedures to adequately monitor compliance and performance and ensure that grants achieve intended benefits for Hawaiians. In addition, grant outcomes are not consistently brought to the attention of trustees.”

There were also concerns about OHA violating investment policies with the purchase of the Gentry Center.
OHA disputes the findings though.

Trustee Peter Apo said last month that the agency is fulfilling its mission. He said the auditor’s report failed to take into account the changes OHA has made over the past year, and that new management plans are in place.

Here’s the state salary database for 2013. You can search by first and last name, department, job title, salary range and year. To compare how this year stacks up to previous years, check out the salary database that covers 2011 and 2012 here.

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