Thousands of people working for the state’s 12-facility, community hospital system are making more money this year than last, according to a review of the latest salary information.

But it’s not really a sign that things are getting better at the beleaguered Hawaii Health Systems Corp., which canned its CEO last summer and needs an emergency appropriation from the Legislature.

Gov. Neil Abercrombie has asked lawmakers to approve $2.5 million in stopgap funding when they meet in special session this week so HHSC can keep its two Kauai hospitals afloat through January.

Alice Hall, former vice president and general counsel, has been heading HHSC since the board fired Bruce Anderson in July. He was earning $242,250 annually as CEO and president, the system’s highest paid employee.

Hall was making $156,750. Her salary went up when she officially took on the acting role last month, but it’s unclear how much.

HHSC’s top executives’ salaries remained flat this year. But many of the system’s almost 4,500 employees received raises thanks to new union contracts and the restoration of 5 percent pay cuts they took during the economic recession.

Average salaries in 2012 ranged from $45,711 to $57,443. In 2013, HHSC wages ranged from $48,278 to $63,970.

The total cost this year for HHSC salaries is expected to range from $216.29 million to $286.59 million.

HHSC is currently the nation’s fourth largest public hospital system in the U.S., providing acute, rural and long-term care to the island communities, island visitors and tourists, according to spokesman Miles Takaaze.

Rank Employee Title Salary
1 Bruce Anderson CEO/President $242,250
2 Howard Ainsley Regional CEO $240,000
3 Clifford Field Medical Director $233,450
4 Ramsey Hasan VP and Chief Medical Officer $223,250
5 Jay Kreuzer Regional CEO $213,750
6 Wesley Lo Regional CEO $211,016
7 Alan Ito Chief Information Officer $209,000
8 Kathleen Rokavec Medical Director $195,700
9 Jerry Walker Regional CEO $185,250
10 Vincent Lee Regional CEO $184,310
11 Money Atwal Assistant Administrator/CFO & CIO $178,375
12 Kenneth Herzog Assistant Administrator/CFO $175,750
13 Patricia Kalua Assistant Hospital Adminstrator/CNE $171,000
14 Patrick Saka Assistant Administrator/Chief Operating Officer $166,476
15 Edward Chu VP & CFO $166,250
16 Rod Bjordahl Chief Medical Officer $163,068
17 Alice Hall VP & General Counsel $156,750
18 Ralph Dupree Regional Medical Director/Clinical Administrator $152,000
19 Nicholas Hughey Hospital Administrator $152,000
20 Mary Ephan Assistant Administrator/Clinical Operations Officer $142,642

Here’s the state salary database for 2013. You can search by first and last name, department, job title, salary range and year. To compare how this year stacks up to previous years, check out the salary database that covers 2011 and 2012 here.

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