Donors to Mayor Kirk Caldwell‘s transition committee which raised $400,000 for an inauguration party and to help install him in office had significant business interests with the city, according to a list of the donors released Wednesday by the Honolulu Ethics Commission.

Some donors, who were implicated in an ethics investigation of the committee, also included registered lobbyists and cabinet members Carolee Kubo and Chris Takashige.

An Oct. 18 Ethics Commission opinion cleared Caldwell of any wrongdoing as it relates to the city’s gift policy, saying he couldn’t have known who was donating to his transition committee.

But that same opinion also called for an overhaul of the ethics code to provide safeguards related to inaugural transition committees to prevent any appearances of impropriety in the future.

Civil Beat had asked for the names of 25 donors the commission found had given $127,000 that was questionable under city ethics law.

Initially, Ethics Commission Executive Director Chuck Totto withheld the names because he was unclear about whether it was public information. On Wednesday, the commission voted to release the list of donors.

In all, there were 102 donors to the transition committee, and names on the list include some of the most well-known and influential individuals and businesses in Hawaii. Some unions also gave money to the transition team

Here’s a list of the 25 donors the Ethics Commission pointed out in its opinion:

Donor Amount
57 Builders LTD $1,000
Aina Nui Corp. $10,000
Alexander & Baldwin LLC $10,000
Carlsmith Ball LLP $5,000
Castle & Cooke Homes Hawaii, Inc. $10,000
CH2M Hill, Inc. $10,000
Pam Gomes $300
Jon Gomes Development LLC $500
Grace Pacific Corp. $10,000
Group 70 International, Inc. $5,000
Hawaii Electric Company, Inc. $5,000
Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc. $5,000
Hawaiian Telcom, Inc. $5,000
HDR Engineering, Inc. $15,000
Clarence Kido $250
Carolee Kubo $500
Randy Leong $25
Mitsunaga & Associates, Inc. $10,000
Lori Morita $150
Outrigger Enterprises, Inc. $10,000
Chris Takashige $500
Nicolette Takashige $100`
The Limtiaco Consulting Group $5,000
Watanabe Ing LLP $5,000
Yogi Kwong Engineers LLC $5,000

You can find the entire list of donors here:

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