Digging into the campaign finances of your local representative should be a little easier with new apps developed through a partnership between Common Cause Hawaii and Hawaii Open Data.

Coders from various fields used data made available on the Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission’s website to create usable apps that, among other things, allow individuals to break down contributions made to the various candidates running for office.

Other apps allow residents to find out who’s running for office in their districts as well as find their voting precinct.

Campaign Spending app screen shot

A screen shot of an app developed using data from the Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission.

Screen shot

The hope of the project organizers is that the apps and the data contained in them will make it easier for citizens to participate in elections as informed voters.

As Campaign Spending Commission Association Director Tony Baldomero said in a press release, the apps and data visualizations “have made it possible for the public to view this very important data in a user-friendly and understandable way.”

You can view the apps here.

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