In 2014, the general election is Nov. 4. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The deadline to register to vote is Oct. 6. Early walk-in voting begins Oct. 21.

A list of polling places and other voter information is available on the Hawaii Office of Elections website.

Three people vote at Kalani High School on Primary Day August 9, 2014

Voters at Kalani High School in the 2014 primary.

PF Bentley/Civil Beat

The governor and lieutenant governor are up for election in 2014. So is one U.S. Senate seat and both of Hawaii’s U.S. House seats.

Every state House seat — all 51 — and 13 of 25 state Senate seats were up for election in 2014. But a number of lawmakers were elected outright in the primary so their names won’t be on the general election ballot.

A number of local races also were decided in the primary but two Honolulu City Council districts will face a run-off on Nov. 4. That’s also the case for several seats in Maui, Kauai and Hawaii counties, and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs board of trustees.

Here’s a list of the seats — and candidates who are moving on to the general election. Highlighted links will take you to the candidate’s responses to a Civil Beat questionnaire.

Check back frequently: We’ll be updating this page to include links to information on candidates and where they stand on important issues. Many candidates responded before the primary and we’ll again seek responses from those who didn’t but are still in the race.

The Ballot (Unofficial)

D = Democrat, R = Republican, I = Hawaii Independent Party, L = Libertarian, G = Green Party, N = Nonpartisan


U.S. Senate

Brian Schatz (D)

Cam Cavasso (R)

Michael Kokoski (L)


Congressional District 1

Mark Takai (D)

Charles Djou (R)


Congressional District 2

Tulsi Gabbard (D)

Kawika Crowley (R)

Joe Kent (L)



David Ige (D)

Duke Aiona (R)

Mufi Hannemann (I)

Jeff Davis (L)


Lieutenant Governor

Shan Tsutsui (D)

Elwin Ahu (R)

Les Chang (I)

Cynthia (Lahi) Marlin (L)


State Senate

District 1

Gilbert Kahele (D)

Gregory Arianoff (L)

District 3

Josh Green (D)

Michael Last (L)

District 4

Lorraine Inouye (D)

Alain Schiller (L)

District 5

Gil Keith-Agaran (D)

Joseph Kamaka (R)

District 6

Rosalyn Baker (D)

Jared Dubois (R)

Bronson Kekahuna Kaahui (L)

District 12

Brickwood Galuteria (D)

Chris Lethem (R)

District 17

Roger Clemente (I)

Clarence Nishihara (D)

District 18

Michelle Kidani (D)

Dennis Kim (R)

Raymond Banda (L)

District 21

Maile Shimabukuro (D)

Tercia Ku (R)

District 23

Gil Riviere (D)

Richard Fale (R)

District 24

Jill Tokuda (D)

Michael Danner (R)


State House of Representatives

District 1

Mark Nakashima (D)

Eric Weinert (L)

District 3

Richard Onishi (D)

Frederick Fogel (L)

Bill Dickson (R)

District 4

Joy San Buenaventura (D)

Gary Thomas (R)

District 5

Richard Creagan (D)

Dave Bateman (R)

Jon Lalanne (L)

District 6

Nicole Lowen (D)

Kelly Valenzuela (R)

District 8

Joseph Souki (D)

Cranston Kapoi (R)

District 10

Angus McKelvey (D)

Chayne Marten (R)

District 11

Kaniela Ing (D)

Pat Brock (L)

District 12

Kyle Yamashita (D)

Richard Pohle (R)

District 14

Derek Kawakami (D)

Jonathan Hoomanawanui (R)

District 15

James Tokioka (D)

Steve Yoder (R)

District 16

Daynette (Dee) Morikawa (D)

Vickie Franks (R)

District 17

Chris Stump (D)

Gene Ward (R)

District 18

Mark Jun Hashem (D)

Susan Kehaulani Halvorsen (R)

District 19

Bert Kobayashi (D)

Victoria Mathieu (R)

Anthony Higa (L)

District 20

Calvin Say (D)

Julia Allen (R)

Keiko Bonk (G)

District 21

Scott Nishimoto (D)

Larie Manutai (R)

District 22

Thomas Brower (D)

Janet Grace (R)

District 24

Della Au Belatti (D)

Kaui Amsterdam (R)

District 25

Sylvia Luke (D)

Ronald Lam (R)

District 26

Scott Saiki (D)

Eric Marshall (R)

District 27

Takashi Ohno (D)

Max Fowler (R)

District 28

John Mizuno (D)

Carole Kaapu (R)

District 31

Lei Sharsh (D)

Aaron Ling Johanson (R)

District 32

Linda Ichiyama (D)

Marcia Tagavilla (R)

District 33

Sam Kong (D)

Robert Helsham (R)

District 34

Gregg Takayama (D)

Jaci Agustin (R)

District 35

Roy Takumi (D)

LuAnn Poti (R)

District 36

Marilyn Lee (D)

Beth Fukumoto Chang (R)

District 37

Ryan Yamane (D)

Emil Svrcina (R)

District 40

Rose Martinez (D)

Bob McDermott (R)

District 41

Matthew LoPresti (D)

Bryan Jeremiah (R)

Tom Berg (L)

District 42

Sharon Har (D)

Suk Moses (R)

District 43

Karen Awana (D)

Andria Tupola (R)

District 44

Cedric Gates (G)

Jo Jordan (D)

Allen Frenzel (L)

District 45

Michael Magaoay (D)

Lauren Cheape Matsumoto (R)

District 47

Kent Fonoimoana (D)

Feki Pouha (R)

District 48

Jarrett Keohokalole (D)

Eldean Kukahiko (R)

Kaimanu Takayama (L)

Kana Naipo (N)

District 50

Holly Broman (D)

Cynthia Thielen (R)

District 51

Chris Lee (D)

Wayne Hikida (R)


Honolulu City Council (non-partisan)

District 4

Trevor Ozawa

Thomas Waters

District 6

Sam Aiona

Carol Fukunaga


Hawaii County Council (non-partisan)

District 5

Tiffany Edwards Hunt

Daniel Paleka

District 9

Ronald Gonzales

Margaret Wille


Maui Mayor  (non-partisan)

Alan Arakawa

Bernard Carvalho Jr.

Tamara Paltin


Maui County Council (non-partisan)

West Maui

Ka‘ala Buenconsejo

Elle Cochran

East Maui

Bob Carroll

Nick Nikhilananda


Joe Blackburn II

Mike Victorino


Michael Molina

Mike White


Don Guzman

Joe Pontanilla

South Maui

Don Couch

John Fitzpatrick


Gladys Baisa

Courtney Bruch


Riki Hokama


Stacy Helm Crivello


Kauai Mayor  (non-partisan)

Dustin Barca

Bernard Carvalho Jr.


Kauai County Council (non-partisan)

Council Member (7 at-large seats up)

Arthur Brun

Tim Bynum

Mason Chock Sr.

Felicia Cowden

Billy DeCosta

Jay Furafaro

Gary Hooser

Ross Kagawa

Arryl Kaneshiro

Kipukai L.P. Kualii

Tiara Laranio

Darryl Perry

Melvin Rapozo

JoAnn Yukimura


Office of Hawaiian Affairs (non-partisan)

Maui Seat

Carmen Lindsey

Mahealani Wendt

At Large Seat

Lei Ahu Isa

Rowena Akana

Kelii Akina

Harvey McInerny

Mililani Trask

John D. Waihee