Editor’s note: For Hawaii’s Nov. 4 general election, Civil Beat asked candidates to answer some questions.

The following came from Michael Last, a Libertarian candidate for state senator for District 3. Democrat Josh Green is also running.

District 3 covers Kona and Kaʻu on the southern portion of the Big Island.

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Name: Michael Last

Office: Hawaii State Senate District 3

Party: Libertarian

Profession: Retired electrical engineer

Education: BSEE- electrical engineer

Age: 67

Community organizations: Board of Directors, Ocean View Community Association

Michael Last

1. Why are you running for the Hawaii Legislature?

I’ve been a Hawaii resident for more than three years, and a qualified voter of the third Senatorial District.

2. Are you satisfied with the current plans to pay for the state’s unfunded liabilities? If not, how would you propose to meet pension and health obligations for public workers?

No. Bring them more in-line with the private organizations of the state.

3. Local officials and advocates have worked to address homelessness for years, yet the crisis is growing. What proposals do you have for this complicated issue?

It must be turned over to religious organizations.

4. Where do you stand on labeling genetically engineered food and pesticide regulation? Are these public safety issues, or are the dangers exaggerated?

They must be labeled. The dangers are exaggerated.

5. Hawaii’s cost of living is the highest in the country by many indicators. What can really be done to make things like housing, food and transportation less expensive?

Eliminate those taxes and fees that are not in the best interest of the public.

6. Would you support using liquified natural gas as part of the state’s energy sources? And how can we improve the electrical distribution system so more renewable energy can be utilized to bring costs down?

Yes.  It is a private utility, so there should not be any government mandates.

7. Hawaii’s public records law mandates that public records be made available whenever possible. Yet many citizens are unable to afford the costs that state and local government agencies impose. Would you support eliminating search and redaction charges and making records free to the  public except for basic copying costs?


8. Are you satisfied with the way Hawaii’s public school system is run?


9. There is a desire to grow the economy through new development yet also a need to protect our limited environmental resources. How would you balance these competing interests?

Government should not over-regulate private industry.

10. What other important issue would you like to discuss here?

The state government must not make any laws that restrict what consenting adults do with their own person or property; provided they do not physically harm the person or property of a non-consenting other adult.