Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell says he found a video apparently showing a police sergeant repeatedly punching his girlfriend “extremely disturbing and absolutely unacceptable.”

Caldwell said Friday he was shown the video earlier this week by staff and that he immediately called Honolulu Police Chief Louis Kealoha to urge him to “get out in front of this and treat it with the utmost importance.”

The mayor met with the chief Friday afternoon to learn what action HPD will take against Sgt. Darren Cachola, the 18-year HPD veteran who is seen in the video punching his girlfriend in a Waipahu restaurant, but no new information was made available.

Caldwell said he would also talk with the chief about the status of the officers who responded to the scene Monday night and why they did not arrest Cachola.

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell, along with Kauai Mayor Barnard Carvalho, Hawaii County Mayor Billy Kenoi and Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa, speaks at  news conference in front of Honolulu Hale to give their reaction to a federal court decision that struck down a Kauai County ordinance that requires biotechnology companies to disclose their cultivation of genetically modified crops and use of restricted pesticides. August 25, 2014

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell, seen here during an August press conference, issued a stern rebuke of what appears to be an Honolulu police officer beating up his girlfriend.

PF Bentley/Civil Beat

“I think anyone and everyone involved should be fully investigated, and if there is wrongdoing found, that extreme action should be taken,” Caldwell said. He added that action should include termination and arrest.

The mayor made his remarks to reporters at a press conference called after the reopening of Mother Waldron Park in Kakaako.  

Caldwell said he wanted he assure anyone suffering from abuse that they will receive support if they step forward.

The mayor was asked about the statement yesterday from 26 female elected officials who are demanding accountability and say their trust in HPD has been lost.

“I think anytime something like this happens there is a lack of trust,” he said. “People get worried. It’s our job as public servants, my job as a public servant, to reestablish that trust through actions taken.”

Caldwell also promised that the results of the investigation would not be covered up.

“Anything will be disclosed to the public and needs to be disclosed to the public,” he said.

Meanwhile, HPD spokeswoman Teresa Bell said the department has been meeting with the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office to present investigative findings. She said those discussions will continue next week.

Bell added that the supervising officer who arrived on the scene Monday night has been assigned to desk duty while the department continues its investigation.

The department has refused to release any names of officers involved.

Listen to the mayor’s remarks on the HPD incident:

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