Organizers with the grassroots workers-right group Aikea Movement say they knocked on 30,000 doors in two months earlier this year trying to get people to vote for their candidate in the District 6 Honolulu City Council race, Joli Tokusato.

She lost in the Aug. 9 primary and now the race has come to a choice between incumbent Carol Fukunaga and challenger Sam Aiona.

But Aikea is still knocking, trying to get people to join their group that seeks to motivate working-class families to get involved in the political process. Aikea is an offshoot of Unite Here Local 5, the hotel and hospitality workers union.

On Monday they knocked on Civil Beat’s door, something of an accomplishment tucked away as we are in Kaimuki. They say they knocked on other media doors, too, in an effort to explain a bit more about who they are and what they’re up to.

That includes more door-knocking — this time in the East Honolulu City Council District 4 where they plan to spread out in their red T-shirts on Saturday and go door to door to explain what they are looking for in the new City Council member from that area. The race in District 4 is between Tommy Waters and Trevor Ozawa.

The Aikea folks say they have not endorsed a candidate in either District 4 or District 6, but they say they may well back someone before the Nov. 4 vote.

Aikea is organized as a super Pac but the group wants people to know they are not just about shoveling money to their favorite candidate. They are about empowering working people to hold politicians accountable for actions that have a big effect on people’s lives.

“We’re not just a super Pac,” says Allison Lum, an Aikea organizer. “We joke around we’re a super duper PAC.”

Aikea Movement Local 5

Members of the Aikea Movement dropped by Civil Beat’s office. That’s reporter Sophie Cocke in the black top.

Patti Epler/Civil Beat

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