Mayor Kirk Caldwell hosted a town hall meeting Thursday night on his new islandwide housing strategy, and more are in the works. Here’s a quick look at Honolulu’s housing crisis in five graphs:

Rents just keep going up…


But wages aren’t keeping up with rising inflation and rent increases:


In fact, the most popular job in Hawaii earns less than $11 per hour.


Meanwhile, home prices are rising…


And not much low-income housing is being built. A 2011 state housing study found that 70 percent of Hawaii’s housing need comes from low-income residents — individuals earning less than $53,700 and families of four earning less than $76,650 — but little has been built to meet that need:


In fact, the city loses more affordable units each year than it produces because of condo conversions and expiring deed restrictions, according to Charles Wathen from the Hawaii Housing Alliance.

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