Retired Honolulu car dealership owner Jimmy Pflueger was sentenced Wednesday morning to seven months in prison over the Ka Loko dam breach on Kauai that killed seven people more than eight years ago according to a KHON report.

Pflueger, 88, pleaded no contest in July 2013 to reckless endangering in the first degree. The state dropped seven manslaughter charges as part of the plea agreement, which included his company, Pacific 808 Properties, paying $350,000 — $50,000 for each victim.

The state had alleged that Pflueger had illegally filled in the dam’s spillway, which, following more than a month of heavy rain on the Garden Isle, led to the dam’s breach and millions of gallons of water destroying everything in its path on March 14, 2006.

The home of Bruce Fehring was washed away, killing his son-in-law, daughter, grandson and four family friends.

Sentencing before Judge Randal Valenciano was initially scheduled for January, but was delayed three times for medical reasons. 

In addition to the prison term, the judge fined Pflueger $7,000 — $1,000 for each person killed, according to a KHON story.

Read KHON’s report here.


James Pflueger was sentenced Wednesday to seven months in prison over a fatal dam breach on Kauai in 2006.


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