Babes Against Biotech is urging Maui Democrats not to select a local farmer for Mele Carroll’s vacant seat in the Hawaii House of Representatives.

The anti-GMO group posted on its Facebook page Friday a plea to the party’s District 13 selection committee tasked with selecting three candidates to replace Carroll, who resigned Feb. 1 for health reasons.

District 13 represents Molokai, Lanai and parts of Maui.

The post begins:

On behalf of our 39,000 supporters, and as believers in the Democratic Party, we feel it is necessary to express our concern regarding one of the candidates for the recently vacated district 13 seat, Mrs. Lynn DeCoite.

We have been aware for some time that L&R Farms, owned by Mrs. Decoite, is under contract with Monsanto to grow seed corn. Lynn herself confirmed this to our Maui Chapter Coordinator over an extensive phone conversation in March of last year; it is not something she is ashamed to admit. …

If Mrs. DeCoite is chosen by your committee to be on the short list given to the Governor, you will be sending him another political powder keg. This nomination would create an even larger firestorm of public criticism and discontent, than his highly contentious nomination of Carleton Ching to lead the Department of Land and Natural Resources.

It is no secret that the GMO issue is a political hot bed on both County and State levels. We feel that nominating a GMO Farmer to the position of State Representative, would be a political disaster and incite justifiable outrage. …

Babes Against Biotech Facebook screen shot

A screen shot from the Babes Against Biotech Facebook page, Feb. 13.


The Facebook post includes a photo it states is DeCoite, calling her “Monsanto’s plant.”

A Maui County resident told Civil Beat Friday that Babes Against Biotech has emailed a very similar plea to some members of the 22-selection committee.

Civil Beat sent two email messages to Babes Against Biotech Friday but has not yet heard back.

DeCoite, a Molokai resident, is among 13 candidates applying for Carroll’s job. The pool will be narrowed to three by the selection committee Saturday and sent to Gov. David Ige for the final selection.

Maui, Kauai and Hawaii counties have moved in recent years to restrict GMOs.


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