Honolulu was recently ranked the third worst city for traffic congestion in the nation but Tuesday evening’s traffic jam brought frustrations to new heights. As drivers heading westbound remained stuck for hours due to a broken ZipMobile, some took to Twitter to vent about #Zipnado aka #Carmageddon.

(We’re assuming the law against using your cell phone while driving doesn’t apply if you’re at a standstill.)*

Some offered advice or sought it:

Others gave up:

Those trapped in traffic fantasized about alternatives:

The conversation got political when people brought up the city’s controversial planned rail line and Hoopili, a proposed development that would add thousands more cars to the road:

But maybe it will bring more support for Bikeshare Hawaii:

Unfortunately, as of 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, there doesn’t appear to be any relief in sight. For detailed coverage of Honolulu’s traffic congestion tonight, check out our partners at KITV.

*Update: We shouldn’t have been so quick to assume. Honolulu police ticketed at least 65 drivers for using their phones behind the wheel in the midst of Tuesday’s traffic crisis.

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