Earlier this week I posted an item on a half-dozen Hawaii state legislators who raised money together at Ferguson’s Irish Pub downtown.

It turns out that there was one more lawmaker at the Wednesday night event — Kaniela Ing, who was asking for contributions of up to $1,000 a pop. Sorry I overlooked you, Kaniela!

Meantime, on Thursday night, Reps. Gregg Takayama and Linda Ichiyama were at Mandalay Restaurant asking for $50 in contributions.

Dollars on a plate

Flickr: Tax Credits

The person in charge of Takayama’s fundraiser was his wife, Linda Chu Takayama, who is a registered lobbyist.

It is not illegal for lawmakers to raise campaign cash even while they are hearing legislation that might be of special interest to special interests — interests that might also donate to some of those very same lawmakers.

But, as has been pointed out in this space many times, some say think it seems an unseemly practice.





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