Hawaii lawmakers are down to their last two days of conference committee, an intense series of meetings in which designees from each chamber work to iron out the differences they have on legislation.

The full House and Senate will then go on a voting spree next week, giving final approval to the surviving bills before session ends May 7.

For those just tuning in, Sen. Will Espero offered a poetic recap of the entire session Wednesday on the Senate floor.

Senator Will Espero speaks to HART CEO Dan Grabauskas after joint conference committee moved to next week. 23 april 2015. photograph by Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Sen. Will Espero speaks to city officials after a joint conference committee last week.

Cory Lum/Civil Beat

“2015 Session Poem” by Will Espero

Maui Memorial Hospital
Time for privatization
Union members not too happy
Not much love and elation

Mr. Ching didn’t make the cut
Nothing on sex education
A ban on powdered alcohol
No funding for a hydrogen fuel station

Another look at OCCC
Time for a new prison and jail
Food tax credits for those in need
Maybe more taxes for rail

Lobbyists and advocates
Bombarded with emails each day
Moments of contemplation for all
But still not allowed to pray

Licenses for undocumented people
Recognizing the hoary bat
As we try to cut out the fat

Trying to help transgender folks
Amending birth certificates
Dealing with homelessness
Regulating e-cigarettes

A look at sex trafficking
No ban on ivory sales
Time for needed police reform
A boost for local ale

In vitro for future moms
An issue so personal and real
Supporting teachers with a raise
Funding for 2 zip mobiles

Medical marijuana dispensaries
Helping our veterans cope
Working on our penal code
Supporting hemp products like rope

Crosswalks and repairing roads
Building much needed schools
Audits, working groups, oversight
Creating new administration rules

Although we know we have done a lot
There’s still so much more to do
We know we have done our best
My colleagues, may God bless all of you.

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