Are you planning to take a summer vacation?

If you’re looking to keep things cheap, don’t go to Seattle or Honolulu, according to a recent study by TripAdvisor.

Seattle is the most expensive city to visit for a summer trip, followed by Honolulu in a close second, the study found.

The study compared the cost of a three-night trip for two people in 60 tourist cities across the U.S. and world. For each day, the study compared the cost and value of a four-star hotel stay, an organized tour or activity, a round trip-taxi ride as well as lunch and dinner.

Tourists pose for picture at the entrance to Diamond Head State Monument on July 24, 2014

Tourists pose for picture at the entrance to Diamond Head State Monument.

PF Bentley/Civil Beat

The West Coast was home to seven of 10 most expensive cities. A three-night trip to Seattle could run you $2,080 – largely because of pricy hotel rates – while Honolulu could cost $2,046. San Francisco is third at $1,909, with Los Angeles in sixth at $1,850, according to the study.

Cancun, Mexico, is the costliest international destination for a vacation, with a three-day break running up to $2,019.

But if you’re trying to save, plan your vacation in the South, said the report. Dallas ranked the most affordable U.S. city for a summer trip at $1,171, followed by New Orleans and Miami at $1,248 and $1,262.

Las Vegas had the least expensive hotel rooms for all U.S. cities, while New Orleans has the most affordable food, the study found.

And if you’re trying to spend your summer vacation abroad, Southeast Asia is one of the least expensive regions. It costs $732 for a three-day trip  in Hanoi, Vietnam, which is the least expensive international destination. Bangkok, Thailand, was fourth at $822.


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