A Dillingham Ranch plan to build and sell 91 homes on the North Shore is facing pushback from some residents who want to “keep the country, country.”

KITV reported that many people criticized the plan during a neighborhood board meeting Monday evening.

“This is not for the people of Hawaii. This is for the rich and retired guys from foreign countries, the mainland to come here and retire in our state,” Earl Dahlin, a Haleiwa resident, told the TV station.

Even though the land is technically zoned agriculture, the city planning department said the development doesn’t violate the rules. An executive from Dillingham Ranch emphasized the new homes will be “farm dwelling units.”

An environmental assessment is still ongoing and the homes aren’t expected to break ground for at least another year and a half. The company doesn’t know how much the homes will cost yet.

To learn more, check out the story from our partners at KITV.

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