State officials won’t be removing the barriers along Kamehameha Highway on Friday as courts originally ordered.

Judge Karen Nakasone granted an extension Thursday for the Hawaii Department of Transportation so it can continue studying alternatives that are safe and feasible, the DOT said in a release.

The state now has until Aug. 24, which the DOT says will give it time to work with Honolulu, the plaintiffs and the public on a solution. The next settlement hearing is scheduled for Aug. 18.

Barriers at Laniakea Beach

Barriers at Laniakea Beach will be up at least through Aug. 24 thanks to a court-granted extension Thursday.

Anita Hofschneider/Civil Beat

The DOT says it has listened to community member who want the state to leave the barriers in place and others who want the barriers replaced with additional parking.

One option the DOT says it’s looking at is removing two barriers on both ends to have one way access and parking behind the existing barriers. However, the DOT says the infrastructure is not designed to be a parking lot, and significant improvements may be necessary to make it safe and accessible.

The department is working on a study to realign the highway so it is further mauka, the release says. The project cost is estimated at $20 million to $45 million depending on the preferred alternative.

The DOT says that the agreement from public and private landowners would be required and environmental impacts must be considered. The department estimates it would take roughly  five years after the environmental assessment to complete the project.

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