It’s crossover week in the Hawaii Legislature, that time when the House and Senate each pass hundreds of bills and send them over to the other chamber for its consideration.

While many bills are expected to survive the marathon voting sessions Tuesday and Thursday, many others will be considered dead for the year.

The House started its floor session at 9 this morning, and the Senate got going at 9:30. The House generally takes longer, given it has 51 members to the Senate’s 25 and there’s no shortage of reps who want to publicly state their position on the bills before voting.

We’re basically midway through the 2016 legislative session, which started in January and wraps up in early May. Lawmakers will be zeroing in on what bills they see becoming law, including legislation dealing with police accountability, energy, voting, government transparency, education, the environment and more.

See what’s up for a vote in the House here, and what’s up in the Senate here.

Check Civil Beat later for a report on some of the key happenings from Tuesday.

State Capitol.
The House and Senate convened Tuesday to pass hundreds of bills. Cory Lum/Civil Beat

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