A three-day search ended without finding a Chicago man who was swept out to sea Thursday on the north shore of Kauai.

The 28-year-old was taking photos with his wife and friends at a tide pool called Queen’s Bath when a large wave crashed and pulled him into the ocean, county officials said.

Queen's Bath on Kauai.
Queen’s Bath on Kauai. Nathan Eagle/Civil Beat

The search was suspended on Sunday. Kauai police, firefighters, lifeguards and the Coast Guard were involved but they found no sign of the victim, county spokeswoman Sarah Blane said.

It was the third drowning on Kauai this year; two were visitors. The other was an Oregon man who drowned snorkeling off the south shore.

At least two other visitors died elsewhere in Hawaii last month.

A 16-year-old boy died Feb. 22 after a helicopter crash at Pearl Harbor on Oahu. The aircraft is owned by Genesis Helicopters, a Honolulu-based tour company.

And a California visitor died after kite surfing Feb. 11 on Maui.

Civil Beat published a multi-part series on visitor safety in January, focusing on ocean safety in particular in light of a high rate of visitor drownings. It’s available here.

Queen’s Bath is particularly dangerous in the winter months when the surf is high. Waves were reported to be up to 40 feet on the north shore of Kauai last week.

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