In response to U.S. Rep. Charles Djou’s attack on Donald Trump Monday, local supporters of the presidential frontrunner for the Republican nomination have some comments of their own to make.

“We are very disappointed in Mr. Djou’s attitude of not wanting a Republican nominee,” said Kimo Sutton, co-leader of Team Trump Hawaii. “That would mean that he is supporting Hillary Clinton. With his attude toward attacking Trump, we also never hear his view on his candidate’s trailing the rest of the field — Gov. John Kasich.”

Former Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona poses for a cell phone picture with Kimo Sutton, the Republican candidate for Lt. Governor who was sign waving for Aiona at the Hawaii State Capitol. 5.19.14
Former Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona posed for a cell phone picture with Kimo Sutton, a Republican candidate for lieutenant governor in 2014. PF Bentley/Civil Beat

Sutton continued: “Poison is a difficult pill to swallow if taken in such high doses, and maybe Djou needs to be like his candidate and be more refined, especially during these times of stress.”

Sutton expressed confidence Trump would do well Tuesday in Hawaii, when local Republicans go to the polls.

“We are getting out the vote, with a lot of supporters calling us,” he said. “There are Democrats, independents and first-time voters that can go to the polls and vote this time.”

The requirements to vote in the GOP caucus are a photo ID showing residency and to register as a Republican, which can be done at the precinct site.

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