The Hawaii Attorney General’s Office has submitted 17 claims totaling $10.6 million for state lawmakers to approve before the 2016 legislative session ends May 5.

The list of claims has steadily grown since the initial request was made in January for five claims amounting to $4.7 million.

The two most recent claims, added last month, were $100,000 for an order against the Department of Education and $35,000 for a settling involving the Department of Public Safety.

House side floor session. 12 april 2016.
State lawmakers are considering a bill to pay $10.6 million for 17 claims. Cory Lum/Civil Beat

The biggest claim so far is $4 million for a medical negligence case involving a prisoner at Oahu Community Correctional Center who ended up losing his fingers and toes.

That settlement was $7.2 million overall. The state’s insurance carrier has paid $3.2 million of it.

Lawmakers are considering House Bill 2279 to fund the claims. You can track the measure’s progress here.

Learn more about each individual claim below in the Attorney General’s testimony to lawmakers.

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